About Dpartment of Physiology

Department of physiology is one of the basic medical departments, and occupies the 2nd floor of the basic sciences building. In 1951 it started by teaching physiology and biochemistry, in 1960 biochemistry became a separate department.The first head of the department was Prof. Dean A. Smith  followed by 13 successors  as follows:-

  • Prof. Ali Khogali
  • Prof. Nasreldeen Ahmed Mahmoud
  • Prof. Mohamed Yousuf Sukkar
  • Prof. Mohamed Elhabeeb Khalid
  • Prof. Mansour Abdelgadir Ballal
  • Dr. Taha Elsadig
  • Dr. Salah Omer Basheer
  • Dr. Murtada Hamid Elmubarak
  • Dr. Amal Mahmoud Saeed
  • Dr. Abdelsalam Elnour Abdelrahman
  • Dr. Ammar Eltahir Mohamed Ahmed
  • Dr. Hamid Gad Elmoula Mohamed
  • Dr. Tarig Hakim Merghani Hakim
  • Dr. Afra Musa Mohamed Musa
  • Dr. Rehab Mustafa Hassan Badi
  • Dr. Nouralsalhin AbdAlhamid AbdAllah Alaagib

The department activities

Lectures: Delivered by staff members (Lectures, assistant and associate professor and professors)

Tutorials, small group discussions and seminars: guided and supervised by staff members.

Practical sessions:  used to complement and consolidate the student's theoretical knowledge and relate it to practical facts and situations.

Examinations: Students are examined in different formats; best of five multiple choice, short structured, practical and oral questions. The examination questions cover all the subjects of physiology (eg. Nervous system, endocrinology, hematology ect.). Students were subjected to class tests and mid-semester examination, the marks of which constitute 10 – 30% (continuous assessment) and the final examination weighs 70 – 90% of the total mark. External examiners share in and supervise the final examinations.

Master Degree in Physiology

The department started a master program by course in 1992 and many batches were graduated.

Other activities

Teaching and evaluation of undergraduate students in faculties of pharmacy and dentistry.

Training and supervision of postgraduate students (PhD, MD and MSc) from other departments.

Participation in regional and international conferences and workshops.

Actively participating in the Sudanese Association  of Physiological Sciences and the African Association of Physiological Sciences

Future plans

  • · Establishment of sound research laboratories for training of the undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • · Creation of joint research groups that involve local, regional and international counterparts.
  • · Recruitment of more staff.
  • · Increasing the capabilities of young staff members in writing and publishing scientific papers.
  • · Increasing the number of postgraduate student.
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