About Department of Pathology

The department of pathology was established when Gordon Medical School was started in 1924.

Microbiology and Pathology were hosted in one department for 3-4 years and then each one became a department on its own.

Pathology is an important subject in the curriculum of the medical schools.

Pathology is the link of between the basic sciences and the clinical subjects.

It is the science behind cure.

The Department of pathology was initially responsible for teaching pathology and forensic medicine for the under graduate medical students, teaching medical laboratory sciences, as well as running laboratory services in the teaching hospital. The department was also responsible for teaching pathology for dental students.

After starting the degree of MD in clinical pathology university of Khartoum in 1986 , the department became responsible for running this degree.

Currently members of pathology department are involved in offering laboratory services at Soba University Hospital in all the major specialties of pathology, namely histopathology, cytology, haematology and chemical pathology.

Member of the department are also involved in research as a team or individually.      

Previous Heads of the department: -

  1. Prof. Lynch
  2. Prof. Ahmed Mohammed Elhassan
  3. Prof. Awad Omer
  4. Prof. Alsadig Abdel Wahab
  5. Prof .Mohammed Osman Abdel Malik
  6. dr. Abdel Fattah Abdel Gadir
  7. dr. Mostafa Dafa Allah
  8. dr. Mohammed Zein Mohammed
  9. dr. Abdel Hafiz Hassan Khattab
  10. Prof. Anwar Kordofani
  11. dr. Abdel Salam Ibrahim Bashier
  12. dr. Mohammed Mohammed Osman
  13. dr. Huda Satti
  14. dr. Bashayir Mohammed Zein

Current head of the department:

dr. Lina Gafar Elnourani

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