About Department of Anaesthesia

Department of anaesthesia was established as a separate department since 1971. Before that, it was a sub department of the surgical department.

The first head department was professor Eltahir fadl. His successors were:

  • Dr. Seif Eldawla Yahia Omran.
  • Professor Abd/ rahman Abd/salam.
  • Dr. kamal M H Mubasher.
  • Dr. Numan M A Malik.
  • Dr. Abd/rahim Basheir.
  • Dr. Neimat Awad Abd Allah.
  • Dr. Zeinab Mustafa Musa.

The postgraduate studies in anaesthesia were started after the establishment of the postgraduate board in university of Khartoum 1977.

Candidates were awarded a master degree in anaesthesia.

The certificate was upgraded 1992 to a clinical M D after thesis submission, first and second part exams. The first batch to score it was in 1995.

Members of the department used to work in governmental hospitals of the ministry of health. After the foundation of Suba university hospital in 1975, they established the anaesthetic department in the hospital, it was the first department to have theatre secretory, the recovery unit was well constructed with a staff trained in United Kingdom to meet the demands of the unit.

Members of the staff are now delivering different subspecialties in anaesthesia and intensive care. They deliver anaesthetic services in the following hospitals:-

  • · Suba university hospital.
  • · Khartoum university clinic.
  • · Shaab teaching hospital.
  • · Ahmed Gasim centre for cardiac surgery and renal transplantation.
  • · Khartoum teaching hospital.

The department activities:

  • · All members participate in teaching and training undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • · Five members of the staff are members in the Sudan Medical Specialization Board.
  • · Fourth year medical students are taught anaesthetic pharmacology.
  • · Fifth year students are given clinical anaesthesia in form of lectures and practical sessions.
  • · Emergency and intensive care anaesthesia were taught to six year students in the form of tutorials.
  • · Evaluation of the students:- this is done within the evaluation system of the surgical department in the form of multiple choice questions and OSPE.

In the new curriculum, the anaesthetic department has been increased a lot and more time was allocated for teaching clinical and emergency anaesthesia.

A separate exam will be held at the end of the fifth year to assess the candidates.

Members of the department participate in local and international conferences regularly.

Some are active in writing scientific papers.

Future plans:

  • · Improving anaesthetic services.
  • · Establishing a research body within the department and encouraging members to conduct researches.
  • · Establishing links and relations with regional and international counterpart departments.
  • · Publications’ of scientific papers
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