About Department

The Department of Medicine is situated on the ground floor of the medical school building. The activities of the department include teaching 4th 5th and 6th-year medical students. The teaching cessions are in the form of lectures, tutorials in addition to bed side clinical teaching. The Department is also involved in medical research and at present a few research project are being conducted in the department. Some of the projects are carried out in collaboration with other departments in the medical school.

The staff of the department consists of professors, associate professors, assistant professors and teaching assistants. The consultant staff of the department have interests and subspecialty qualifications in many of the subspecialty disciplines of medicine including: Tropical Medicine, Endocrinology, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Nephrology, Neurology, Gastroenterology, Intensive Care Medicine and Therapeutics.

The department conducts examinations for 4th year students in the form of best of five multiple choice questions. The final MB;BS examination – for 6th year students – is composed of best of five multiple choice questions in addition to case histories paper. The final MBBS also includes a clinical examination.

The department hosts the MRCP examination (part one and the paper of part two) in collaboration with the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom.

The department trains registrars in different medical subspecialties and the department staff are regular examiners for postgraduate doctors through Sudan Medical Specialization Board.

Previous heads of department:

  • · Professor Daoud Mustafa Khalid
  • · Professor El Daw Mukhtar Ahmed
  • · Professor Abdel Hamid Said Omer
  • · Professor Abdel Rahman Musa
  • · Professor Salih Yassin Salih
  • · Dr. Bashir Arbab
  • · Professor El Mahdi Mohamed Ali
  • · Dr. Mohamed Sirag Abbasher Ahmed
  • · Dr. Hamad El-Turabi
  • · Professor Mohamed El-Bagir Khalafalla
  • · Professor Omer Zayed Baraka

Future plans

  • · Extend and increase the number of subspecialties in the department.
  • · More involvement in medical research independently and in collaboration with other departments of the medical school and the university.
  • · To host the MRCP clinical examination.
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