Teaching Staff

One of the Faculty strength is its excellent staff quality. The faculty has a large number of teaching assistants selected through open competition to satisfy strict criteria including academic excellence in the specialty, academic achievement in the undergraduate course, personal attributes & performance reports. The teaching assistants are trained through offering scholarships locally or abroad to obtain necessary postgraduate qualification & experience.

 The teaching staff grades include:

Full time staff: Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor.

The minimum requirement for an assistant professor is an MD/PhD or its equivalent. Promotion to other status include strict promotion regulation including academic experience, teaching, service & research contributions.
After accepting a "Prima facial" cares the quality of scientific contribution is assessed through a system of external assessors.

Part-time staff:

Part -time staff from Ministry of Health contribute greatly to the success of the teaching program. Selection of part-time staff is based on the same basic qualification for staff, experience, capabilities of teaching and commitment.
The total number of full-time staff is 132 with 36 Professors. Teaching is supported by 46 part time staff.
Staff teaching abilities are boosted through training activities and course offered by the Education Development Centre.

Faculty Staff members:




Microbiology & Parasitology: