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Kitchener School of Medicine, Graduates’ Documentation (1928-1967)

On 29th February 1924 Kitchener medical school was opened by Sir Lee Stack, then Governor-General of the Sudan and Sirdar of the Egyptian army. Initially, the course of training covered four years; in 1934 it was extended to

five years, and in 1939 to six years. The classes were small; the enrollment quota was limited to ten students a year until 1938. For a number of reasons, no students were enrolled in the years 1926, 1937, 1941, 1945 and 1947. Applicants to the Kitchener School of Medicine were the top graduates of the Gordon Memorial College, a school established in 1902 in honor of Charles Gordon, Governor General of the Sudan in 1884 – 85.

branch1928 branch1929




The First Batch 1928
From right to left starting from the back:
Elnour Shams Aldeen–Daoud Iskandar
Elfadil Bushra-Ahmed Okasha
Eltahir Yousif-Ameen Alsayed
Hashim Bey Al-Baghdadi–Ali Badri
Batch 1929
From right to left, starting from the back
Ali Mohamed Khair – Ahmed Abdel Halim
Hassan Halim–Ibrahim Anis–Ali Bachribe
Mukhtar Mohamed Mahmoud
Hashem Bey Al-Baghdadi-Ali Arbab
 Batch 1931
From right to left, starting from the back:
Ibrahim Ahmed Hassan – Ahmed Ali Zaki
Abdul Rahman Atabani-Mansour Abdul Majid
Hashem Bey Al-Baghdadi – Hussein Ahmed Hassan


 branch1932  branchmed  brmed
Batch 1932
From right to left, starting from the back:
Alfadil DafaAlla–Mamoun Hussein Sharif
Mahmoud Hamdi–Mahmoud Nasr
Elsayed Abdel Razek
Khalil Abdul Rahman
Hashem Bey Al-Baghdadi
Batch 1933
From right to left, starting from the back:
Elhadi Elnagar–Ahmed Boukhari– Abdul Aziz
Mohamed Hamed-Mohamed Ahmed Ali–Bashir
AbdelHalim-Abdulla Abu Shamma
Zaki Mustafa-Dr.MacDonald
AbdelHalim Mohamed Mohamed Hassan
Batch 1934
From right to left, starting from the back:
Adeeb Abdullah–Habeeb Abdullah
Ibrahim Abu Rish-Mansour Ali Haseeb
Abdul Hameed Bayoumi
Dr.MacDonald-Suliman Bassiouni


 batchm  batche  batchd
Batch 1935
From right to left, starting from the back:
Bashir Mohamed Saleh–Khalaf Alla Babiker
Elmalik–Abbas Mohamed Nasr
Ali Ibrahim Bashir
Osman Rahmy–Mohamed Abdullah Alawad
AlTigani Al-Mahi-Mohamed Hamad Satti
Dr.MacDonald-Ibrahim Almaghrabi
Rashad Mohamed Farid
Batch 1937
From right to left, starting from the back:
Osman babiker–Elgayli–Al Tahir Al Nail
Bashir Al-Tigani–Ahmed Al-Gasim Ali
Zein El Abidein Ibrahim
Al-Mubarak Shaddad
Dr.MacDonald–Fouad Shehata
Abdessalam Almaghrabi
 Batch 1939
From right to left, starting from the back:
Mohamed Alamin Abdul Rahim
Mohamed Adam Adham
Sayed Ali Abd Elrahim-Labib Abdulla
Mohiuddin Mahdi–Dr. JS Aldridge
Seed Ahmed Abdul Hadi
Sharif Daoud     
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